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“I have watched my son BLOSSOM in Sarah's classes! He just loves them and has been able to share so much of himself that he normally doesn't within the safe environment she creates for kiddos to explore their creativity. Highly recommend!” --Donna 

“She takes classes on outschool as well and of all of her classes she likes your class the best”--Marcia 


“For all my homeschooling friends My son has been in several of her classes and loved every one. To say I was impressed with how she ran the classes and interacted with the kids is an understatement. Sarah is truly wonderful && her classes are worth every penny”--Anna Marie

Social Club

Language and Art 


When I was younger we had a class called Language Arts in school.  Perhaps the schools still call it that. It was basically an English class, meaning we read books and wrote papers and learned grammar and all that sort of stuff. As I have grown older and taught my own 2 kids as well as many others, I have seen the connections between language and the arts. I love the play on words from the class I remember having to take and have chosen to call this class Language and Art. 


Writing is an art. Reading something and creating another thing based on what you read is such a beautiful practice. I have been working toward creating a class like this for a while. I want a space where kids can feel happy about reading and writing. Words and language are magical and I would love to help younger people be able to find and explore that magic in a creative and joyful way. This class will be a place where we look at and explore the connections between words, the way they make us feel and how those feelings can then be expressed in a myriad of ways, such as more writing, 3D art, drawing, paints, sewing, etc. 


This is a space where everyone can feel welcome, whether they are an avid reader or someone who just hasn't discovered the magic of words yet. As with all of my classes, this is a place where kids can feel secure and safe, knowing they will be encouraged to share and join in, but never forced or pressured. 


I am beyond excited for this new adventure with words and art and invite your kiddos to come join in and discover the magic of words with me!


Class times (central) and Age groups:


Mondays from 11-12 for 6-9 year olds

Tuesdays from 11-12 for 9-12 year olds
Thursdays from 2-3 for 
12 and up

This first quarter (8 week session) will run from August 14th through October 6th.

The cost for the 8 week series is $130. 

(I do occasionally offer a financial hardship discount, case by case)

Please reach out with any questions at all!

Book Club 10+
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